Vintage Remix

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I’ve been remixing vintage jewelry components with natural stones and wood beads, a mix of earthy glam.


Gold & Leopard Print Diggin’

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Been forever and a day since I’ve gone thrift store diggin’.  Found this awesome leopard print track jacket and ginormous gold clip on earrings for under $5 each!  Woot woot.  And if you know me…I LOVE GOLD AND LEOPARD PRINT.  Actually, I just love animal prints.  Period.


The thrift store I go to has been steppin’ their game up and I found maaaad pieces to remix with a little Indigenous Earthling love.  😉  Coming soon.

Happy Birthday Mitzie Vita!

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Radiantly animated spirit and amazing sketch/paint artist.


Was inspired to create this last minute sketch pad/journal as her birthday gift.

Multi-media creation made with my hand.krafted paper.


Check out some of my other hand.krafted paper creations: Universoul Love Hearts, BLES Hand.Krafted Journal

Count ‘Em

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NAILZ DID [and did…and did…and…]

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My poor blog.  It’s gotten quite dusty with neglect.  😦

Here are some nailz I’ve done the past couple months.


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In this world, we must
Must try again, for
When it’s hard, mistakes
Are often made, don’t
Need to take it all
Out on yourself, but
The sun comes around
People start rising
People start rising


Don’t let yourself become
A lesser version of the truth
Your message holds right though
When you ain’t got nothing to prove
To be worth something
Don’t take much from you, baby
You got to believe it
It works when you feel it, ohhhh
You gotta keep (risin) rising (oh people)


Like the turns involves
So many things, can
Bring you down so hard
When you are flying
But the ground is where
You start again
It’s a new day for you
People start rising
People start rising

Come on and get all that you want
Just what you deserve
No more, no less than others
Better off or even worse
Act like this means something
How you’re movin up you’ll be
Just keep on believing
It works when mean it
Oooohhhh, and we’ll be (risin…oh people)

Cherry Nice Passion Fruit

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Finally did my nailz…

BASE COAT: Creative Nail Design – Stickey (Thee Best!!)
1 COAT: Sally Hansen – Cherry Nice
1 COAT: Orly – Passion Fruit
BLINGED OUT WITH: OPI for Sephora – Only Gold For Me
TOP COAT: Sally Hansen – No Chip