Universoul Love Hearts

In honor of Valentine’s day, I decided to make heart shaped pink paper as a special gift with every purchase from my online shop. Now, I’m not really into Valentine’s day but I do love, love, love heart shapes and all sorts of cutesiness.  This is my little way of sharing Universoul Love with my customers and friends.

My paper making process has been a million times easier since I’ve ditched the embroidery cloth I’ve been using in place of a screen I removed from an oil splatter guard.  Using tons of hot glue, I secured it onto one part of the plastic embroidery frame I’ve been using, sealing all the sharp, pokey edges of the metal.  If ever the screen rips or gets worn, the hot glue is easily peeled away for replacing the screen.   Can I just say how amazing it’s been since I made that little change?!  The pulp drains so much faster and doesn’t stick to the screen!  You can say I’m a paper making machine now.

Not to mention it’s been an absolute success paired with a heart shaped frame I’m using as a mold.  The frame was just $1 and all I had to do was varnish it to protect it from the water and tada!  Heart shaped paper mold!

For the Valentine’s Day Edition hand.krafted paper, I’ve added strawberry red dye to make the paper pink.  Oy vey…working with dye is a pain.  It threatens to stain everything!  And though I wear gloves,  they somehow manage to get tiny little holes every single time and my finger tips still end up stained magenta-ish.  But the effect is so lovely!

Once the paper dries, they have to be re-dampened with a spray bottle and ironed out carefully so the paper will be pleasant to write on.  Other wise, they are lumpy and curled.  Often times a beautiful sheet of paper doesn’t survive the ironing process, sticking to the iron or a lump getting caught causing rips.  They are put back into the scraps pile to be reborn again. That is also why I let them dry out fully only to slightly wet them again because the wet pulp is so delicate.

Now with the Valentine’s Day Edition, a marbeling effect of the dye is produced by the ironing.  The heat from the iron causes the water to evaporate  from the paper, moving the dye throughout the paper via steam.  Level of dampness, dye, heat and thickness of the paper all play into the marbling effect that makes each sheet of paper so charmingly unique.

These sweet gifts will be presented in 3’s, wrapped in white tissue paper, sealed with just a tiny dab of romantic rose oil.

Hand.Krafted with Love.


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on February 9, 2010.

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  1. You are so talented. ❤

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