My “Business”

For some reason, I can’t help but feel  a bit offended or annoyed when people refer to my creations as my “business.”  Yes, I sell my creations.  Yes, I profit some dough.  Yes, I apply my keen, logical side when it comes to my “business” aspect.  But by referring to it as a “business,” or worse my “product” (yes, I’ve gotten that a few times) I feel like one misses the point of my creations.

For one, it’s not my livelihood.  Let me elaborate.  I purposely choose not to depend on my creations to feed my stomach and pay my rent.  Rather, it is to feed my soul and pave my spiritual path.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did and oh my goodness, how  much that would stagnate my creativity!  I suppose people can’t help but speak in that kind of language, especially with how commercialized everything is and how materialistic our generation is.  We live in a country of Capitalism for goodness sake!

Appreciation photo from Miss Jacqueline Schneider, San Diego, CA.

Often, people make suggestions that I should do this or do that and really push my “product.”  That they know maaadddd people that would luuurrrvv my stuff.  That I should sell in this boutique or follow so and so’s business model.  Most often, I am suggested in the direction of an aesthetic  and mission statement very different from mine.  It’s like, “are you even paying attention?”  All annoyances aside, I am grateful for the well wishes of “success” but success for me and my creations is not necessarily seeing my creations out on the streets on every person and buzzing up every single blog, selling out in every store.  Nope.  Honestly, INDIGENOUS EARTHLING [hand.krafted] isn’t always for everyone.  It depends on what kind of creative phase I’m in and all these different kinds of individuals.  On another tip, it’s quite challenging enough for me to keep my inventory stocked enough to keep up with the humble following I already have.  It’s not that I have some HUGE demand.  But I create when I have excess energy of myself and I don’t make anything twice.  Again, it is not my livelihood.  I have a career as an Esthetician that I apply myself equally as detail oriented which keeps me sane and keeps me fed.

Now if I really wanted to make this whole INDIGENOUS EARTHLING [hand.krafted] thing big, I’d strategize to make pieces that sell and duplicate them.  Make sure everyone would wanna rock them.  BUT, that’s just not my thing.  I create to meditate.  I take the time to photograph each piece so I may remember them and admire those pieces of me.  I take the time to connect with each pieces reflection by giving them names, which in turn is a study of history, culture and spirituality for me.  Each of those stories and details are hand-written in purple ink on hand.krafted paper which yes, I made by hand and include with each creation.  They are then carefully gift wrapped in tissue paper and put into pretty red Chinese New Year envelopes.  Now how would I entrust some boutique or another to take that much loving care and intent?

Don’t you see?!  All this hand.krafted lovingness is not just ‘coz I’m trying to sell a whole bunch of “product!”  It is because I am blessed and that humbles me.  I’d like to share that with other beautiful energies.  Aside from a small chunk of change, the ultimate reward is connecting with each individual at each event I vend, each person I connect with online, each friend that touches my heart and inspires me.

So what if I don’t sell a whole bunch, hanging off of every girls’ lobes.  I make some weird shit sometimes!  I much rather have pieces find intimate, spiritual connections and be cherished as treasures.  That’s beyond fashion.  That’s beyond trend.

The Indigenous Earthling J’me


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on August 13, 2010.

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