Spoiled myself yesterday.  Thriftly, of course.

  • faux patent leather platform heels (been wanting to update my shoe-drobe with something nude/patent/platform and scored!)
  • red cocktail dress (I live in Vegas and don’t have a classy cocktail dress.  I’ve got thrift store clothes galore but dammit, it’s nice to have a proper dress!  Now I got a little something for cocktails, dinner, the club, weddings, parties…etc.  And I ain’t scared to wear it a million different ways!  Fuck if ya’ll see me wearin’ it thrice times two hands.  Watch me work it out.  Bonus: I got it in exchange for a pair of shoes that were just a no-no.)
  • gold-toned leaf earrings (Uh, I don’t always wanna wear the stuff I make, thank you very much.)
  • sunglasses (my first pair I’ve bought in  yeaaarrrsss!!)
  • bbbeeeeaaaddddss & much needed findings (thank goodness  for my 30% off membership discount at The Gem & Bead Mall.   Aside from it being the opposite end of town for me, I used to avoid going there ‘coz it’s like a kid being in a candy shop!  The place is literally a warehouse.)
  • organic cardamom mocha from Sunrise Coffee!
  • upgraded my toothbrush (got a two-pack while I was at it) and new mascara.  Both are extremely rewarding, especially when brand spanking new.

On a side note,  I would like to start regularly taking my clothes to the cleaners/to be altered.  “Earthy” as I am, being well groomed and tailored is such a powerful asset, more than ass and tits.  I mean, I could learn to alter my own clothes.  Pssshhh!  But atleast now my clothes will be neatly and professionally hemmed while I’m earning my dough.

Yeup.  Officially got a day gig to perfectly compliment my “artsy-fart” gig.  You know, making use of that Esthetician license.  (I’m actually really serious about my Esthetics career.)

After a year of sacrifice with no job (though blessed to have my family support me), going to school (invested my life savings!), keeping myself busy with my jewelry (so I can make a little money, not go out and spend money and to keep myself stimulated), I’m ready for balance in my life.  The Career Woman in me is ready to have a passionate and healthy relationship with the Creatress.

PS  Talk about parenthesis abuse eh?!

~ by indigenousearthlingjme on February 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Splurge”

  1. Hey love it good to hear from you on a daily basis to see what you have been up to! If you ever want to learn how to use the sewing machine I have, your more than welcome to! I miss you dear, you will be hearing from me soon.

    • Thank you Love! I’ve still got a sewing machine boxed up on the right floor corner of my closet that I’ve been pending to figure. ha.

      On a side note…that splurge above was all just roughly a bill. Yeup. That’s it. You’d be proud of me!

  2. so proud of you! i should book an appt with you the next time in in LV. my face needs some lovin.

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