Up until the other night, I didn’t know who Supernatural was.  The occasion just so happen to be one of my favorite MC’s/lyricist, Youthinasia‘s, birthday celebration at The Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge with a performance by the “Freestyle King.”  Seriously, I live in a cave (and I like it like that.)  This little kitty-cat only comes out to play every now and then.  I don’t usually care to keep up on common cultural knowledge as I keep to myself, creating, day dreaming and at times reading voraciously.  I kid you not, I had no prior inkling of who this “MC Supernat” was.  All the hip-hop heads scoff at me.

As the room started filling up, friends that were fans pointed him out in the back corner just a few feet away from me.  His energy was humble, eyes bright,  a kind smile and his locks neatly wrapped in a white du-rag.  It was refreshing to sense a lack of ego from this “rapper.”   There were no velvet ropes or massive entourage.  Right before he got on, I even glimpsed him goofin’ off and groovin’ by himself behind the beaded curtain of his would-be stage.  It was deep into the night before he got on and when he did, I made sure I didn’t miss the opportunity to possibly be delighted.

Here’s an idea why they call him the “Freestyle King:”

Sincerely astounding, ain’t it?   More evidence that make “Supernatural” a fitting name for him indeed was his attempt at setting a new world record for the longest freestyle back at the 2006 Rock the Bells.  Supernat freestyled for over nine hours!  :: jaw drop::  (Please don’t laugh at me just because I’m only now discovering all this.)

I must say, I’ve got a thing for wordsmiths.  I completely admire those that can freestyle. Their range of vocabulary, metaphors, the way they compose their verses off the top of their heads with wit and punch.  On top of that, cleverly rhyming and to a beat?!  Personally, I just don’t have rhythm like that so my fascination is held.

My homegirl gave me a very brief rundown on the MC early in the night,  including his above record and how he’s known to build freestyle verses using random objects held up by audience members.  That he did, without missing a beat. It went a little something like this:

The participants for this particular evening offered money, Chapstick, a shot of Patron, an oriental fan, wallets, I.D.’s, even a puny little joint which he lyrically and politely declined: “you can have this back ‘coz I’ve got a fatter sack.”  I was front and slightly off centered in my coordinates, with Supernat just 4 feet away.  I couldn’t think of anything interesting in my purse so I took off my schnazzy thrift-store-found belt which I just embellished that night with a brass tiger.  It was the tiger that I was aiming to inspire him with but instead he cracked a joke about “shorty front row took her belt off.”  hahahah So I got his autograph on my belt. (Of course I took the belt off for him to sign.  I wasn’t trying to give him a “will you sign my titties” sort of impression.  Besides, it’d be stupid complicated that way.)

The brass tiger was brought back from my favorite bead store in SF, Beyond Beads.  I’ve had it for some time with no specific plan for it.  Guess I was feeling creative while getting ready ‘coz this belt was born out of that session.

Cherry on top to the flyness were these earrings.  From the same thrift store raid as the belt above, I found this woven straw table mat priced at just 49 cents!  After inspection, it was clear to me how I would butcher it to create earrings.  This pair has been embellished with bayong, glass, shell and a metal fan.  They were my source of energy to my ensemble, my confidence and swagger that evening.

I’ll be making another pair similar for sale.  Photos will be posted soon come.

Before the close of the evening, I had the pleasure of sharing some conversation with Supernat after my homegirl goading me to ask for a photo with him.   I gave thanks for his presence and told him how he made a fan of me.  His response was down to earth, reflecting what an intelligent individual he is. After the little bits of research I’ve done for this blog, I’m quite blown away by what I’ve experienced.  The Universe never ceases to amaze me in the way the starz be aligning.

Appropriately, I’ve named the earrings SUPERNATURAL.


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on February 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Supernatural”

  1. love the synergy behind these creations!!

  2. Super Nat. is dope right!!! I saw him in live this past yr in LA for RTB but again in DC… he spit a line or so about a pair of my beaded earrings – highlight of my 2009 lol!

    I dig the energy your creations express, keep on reaching 🙂

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