GiT MoE HuGz

I’ve always been pretty crafty and back in High School, one of the many ways that manifested was through my clothes.  I’d take thrift store finds and cut them up, leaving raw edges.  I’d  sew patches or make little alterations here and there,  ending up with some pretty outrageous ensembles.  I even had a full on mohawk at some point that spoke volumes of my style. (I just spent half an hour turning my room upside down to find this rad photo of me and my mohawk but it happened to pick today to hide from me!)

My boyfriend at the time was a powerful inspiration to my style and philosophy of life as I knew it at 16-18.  An LA boy, he was my gateway to this city that never ceases to offer me adventure, self-discovery and just makes me feel so alive.  Within me was awoken elements of funk, punk, earthy, rasta, neo-soul, rave;  a colourful sense of spirituality…these flavours that were just barely out of my reach growing up in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

I made this particular piece when I was about 16 or 17, a skirt I cut from a pair of black Levi’s that fit way too big and assaulted with bleach.  I remember right before going to the Sunset Junction Fair, Ian (that was his name) doodled onto the blank spaces of my skirt, completing my bad ass outfit with an in-your-face message .  We were young and reckless.   Now-a-days, I’m a bit more careful about what kind of “message” I’m putting out about myself.  I guess you can say I prefer to say “FUCK YOU” to conformity in sometimes classier ways.

So how was I to still wear this dope ass skirt?  I didn’t want to totally cover up this piece of “art work” that I so cherished in my youth.  I decided to experiment with embroidery since it would achieve an effect similar to drawing except I’d be drawing with thread (which I could always trim out if I didn’t like it) and added texture.  Plus it adds a touch of cutesey to the punkness of the skirt.

My attempt at embroidering sensimilia smoke could easily be confused with a crazy plant in a vase. ha.

A self-portrait drawn by Ian. He was ugly, in a handsome sort of way. =)

GiT MoE HuGz

Added a touch of positivity.  Supah tiny.  I think I’m gonna make this much bigger and put it on the right side of the skirt.

Over time, this skirt will most likely become a collage of  various expressions and styles.  I knew there was a reason I’ve always held on to this piece.  Because I cherish what I’ve grown from.


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on February 9, 2010.

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