Flower Poop

If you’ve ever gotten one of my jewelry creations, then you know about my signature perfumed tissue paper which each one is wrapped in and “carefully placed in a pretty ang pow (Chinese New Year red envelope).”  I’ve been using the same intoxicating gardenia based perfume since the beginning of Indigenous Earthling in 2008, on hundreds of stuffed ang pows to meet happy noses.

Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued.  I’ve been desperately  searching high and low for it, in stores and on the internet, .  I’ve barely got a few milimeters of it left in the bottle!  So I tried searching for a way to possibly replicate it and came across ScentMatchers.com.  Their website offers to match an existing or discontinued perfume and house it in your choice of italian glass perfume bottles and opt for your eau de parfum to be tinted light blue, yellow, baby pink or just left clear.  You can even come up with your own name for it or use your own logo!  All for the price of $59.99.

I figured the price would be totally worth it for the sake of the euphoric experience that is opening one of my ang pows.  So clicked I “yes” when asked if the scent I wanted was  “an existing/discontinued perfume or cologne?” and filled in the blanks to “Perfume or Cologne Manufacturer” and “Perfume or Cologne Name.”  My fingers were crossed as the Scent Matchers database was being searched…FOUND!  Omg!  Yes!  Now I don’t have to try to find another fragrance that could even come close to the experience of the one I’ve been using or worse, try to find one that smelled half as good or even worse, a totally different smell that would throw everyone off. I just had to name my fragrance, pick a colour and bottle.  I was thinking of getting the Indigenous Earthling [hand.krafted] logo printed right on the bottle to really make it my signature fragrance.  Yellow or blue?  Maybe blue but it looks like watered down Windex.  Yellow then.  But that looks like watered down piss.  Eh, I’ll go with blue…

But I didn’t quite order my custom fragrance yet.  My budget didn’t quite have space for $59.99 plus whatever else.

My curiousity started brewing when I noted how their data base was able to find the perfume I wanted matched when I didn’t quite use it’s full name.  Hmmmm.  So I tried a little experiment.  In the slot that asked for “Perfume or Cologne Manufacturer” I typed “J’me.”  hehehe Then in the slot that asked for “Perfume or Cologne Name” I jokingly inserted “flower poop.”


Our supplier has a sample of your fragrance, you will not need to mail one.

According to our database of thousands of discontinued fragrances
we can accurately reproduce this fragrance.

ScentMatchers.com, you are full of shit.  Back to square one.  ::sigh::


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on January 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Flower Poop”

  1. I would be happy to help you search if you send me an idea of what I am searching for…in the meantime, would a gardenia essential oil work?

  2. Watered down windex.. over watered down piss.. you’re a comedian sometimes and you don’t even know it!! Lol.

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