Nailz Did!

‘Coz my creativity manifests in so many different ways.


~ by indigenousearthlingjme on January 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Nailz Did!”

  1. hella diggin the black and white. how’d you do it?

    • -Base coat.

      -2 coats white (or another colour). Let dry 2-3 minutes or longer.

      -For black design: remove excess nail polish from brush by wiping on the neck of the bottle. You want there to be hardly any nail polish on the brush so you can “dry brush” streaks across your nails. Use as little pressure as you can so only some of the bristles catch onto the nail, leaving behind streaks. It is very important to let this dry well before applying the topcoat so it doesn’t smudge.

      -Gently apply topcoat using as few strokes as possible to avoid smudging.. The clear coat will “melt” the design a bit since the alcohols and such reactivate the nail polish so over-brushing risks smudging the design. You’ll just want to lay the topcoat on. Also, avoid using quick-dry topcoats on nail designs since they have a higher amount of alcohols (that’s what makes them dry so quick) which will really melt the design.

      OPTIONAL: Try different colour combos or dry brushing a second colour. I like using white as a highlight. I love adding glitter on top for some extra bling.

  2. BaaaAadasssss

  3. thanks for the tutorial babe. LOVE it.

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